Welcome to the Global Biker Network


The idea for this network came while on several of my riding adventures. I would meet fellow bikers and ask them where they were from and where they were headed. We would inevitably end up swapping our road stories. So I thought, “What if there was a place where bikers, from around the globe, could post both stories and pictures of all the awesome rides that they had been on?” A place where we could “go” to post pictures and comments such as: “Hello! This is Mike from Las Vegas, Nevada. I am planning a ride to your area and would like to meet fellow riders, familiar with that area. I would appreciate contact from those who might be interested in a “Greet ‘n Eat”, perhaps followed by a ride that is off the beaten path.

The video that is playing was taken while we were on our road trip to Washington D.C. to participate in “Rolling Thunder XXIII” in 2010. The motorcycles and riders came from all around the world to show both support and unity as they do each year. You could watch and listen to the “Thunder” of the nonstop parade of Motorcycles that lasted for about 4 hours.

The Marine pictured above stayed at attention while saluting the riders throughout the entire parade!